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We provide films for social causes for free.

We believe that video is a powerful tool for presenting stories and in bringing social causes to life.

We use video to explain, promote and amplify the voices and causes of not-for-profits, community and advocacy groups. We call it social films. 

Our services range from full video planning, filming and editing, to adding motion graphics to videos you’ve already made.

In order to build up our portfolio, we are currently offering our services free of charge to social causes.



Sky School needed a one-minute promotional video to advertise their new peace-building course. This video explains the content of the course and shows the experiences of of previous students.

Edited on Final Cut Pro and Motion 5

Taiko News is a news aggregator designed to show people different perspectives using a machine learning engine that rates each article's political leaning. Then through a simple slider, users are able to control the proportion of liberal and conservative news on their feed, thereby enabling them to view a multitude of perspectives on a single topic

Edited on Final Cut Pro and Motion 5

Sky School's pilot programme took place at the end of 2017 in Kenya, Greece, and Jordan. This video explains the content of the course and shows the experiences of students.

Edited on Final Cut Pro and Motion 5

Sky School is a global high school for refugees who want to change the world. Sky School is working with international schools and teachers around the world, as well as with refugee youth, to design a high school diploma programme that will be internationally recognised. They required a video to showcase the need for their work which they could show to supporters as well as attracting new sources of funding. The video was filmed in Jordan over the course of a week.

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Edinburgh Global Partnerships is a student-run charity based at the University of Edinburgh that assists in community-led development projects overseas. They needed a video to publicise their work and recruit volunteers ahead of the new academic year.

Edited on Adobe After Effects

In just a couple of weeks, our film was viewed over 2000 times. It was key to attracting our first students, increasing our social media following and has even helped us to become a finalist in an innovation competition.
— Mia Eskelund Pedersen, Co-founder, Sky School
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